Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint Late Pledge

Created by Dark Horizon Games

1-4 player, co-op, sci-fi dungeon crawler where players complete covert missions against an invading alien force! Note: Your card will not be charged until shipping rates are final. At that time, you will have the chance to review your order before your card is charged. Please follow our updates for notification as to when these shipping charges are final and when orders will be locked down and cards charged.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #12 Focus on Billy "No Mates"
9 months ago – Tue, Mar 08, 2022 at 03:12:30 PM

“They call me “No Mates” like it bothers me. But snipers prefer a little space, so it doesn’t. I'd much rather work alone then have some soldier running around blocking my shot, shouting and spraying machine gun fire everywhere like an idiot. Or have some medic puttin' their hands on me and mumbling about my ‘seeping wound’. Let it bleed mate! I've got a job to do! But I’m a professional. If I need to take the shot while that soldier is running around chucking grenades, or while that medic is getting all touchy feely over a flesh wound, then that shot is still getting made. And the target is still getting dead. After the smoke from the grenades clear, and the echoes of the machine gun fire fades, after all the bleeding has stopped, it was still that one shot through the enemy’s head that ended the fight. They can thank me later.”

Formerly of the SAS, Billy is a consummate sniper. No one is more deadly behind a scope, and Billy’s Tactics decks reflects that. Not only does his deck focus on doing huge damage to single targets, it also centers around Overwatch attacks, which snipers excel at.

 If you are wondering how Overwatch works, it effectively allows the Operative to make an attack at any time, including during the Enemy Phase to make a free attack. This attack can include using attack cards that would normally require the exhausting of an Order token, without actually having to exhaust a token. Normally, it requires an Order to enter Overwatch (or a card effect), but snipers have a Sniper Scope card which is a class-specific Gear card all snipers come with that not only gives their attacks Accuracy (more on that in another update), but also allows them to go into Overwatch at the end of the Operative Phase as long as no Enemies have Line of Sight to them.

Until next time, watch your six!

Update #11 Token Upgrade Add On!
9 months ago – Tue, Mar 08, 2022 at 12:31:36 AM

With this add on you gain 4 Technician miniatures and 4 Soldier miniatures to upgrade their corresponding tokens in the core box! 

Technicians are present in most games in one form or another, usually as the guys watching the cameras that you have to sneak by! 

Soldiers aren't as common in games, but when they are, you'll be glad they're around! These soldiers are quite handy at helping repel the Enemy! Soldiers can be present based on mission rules, or when brought into play by a player effect, such as the ability on the Level IV Breach and Clear Strategy card (which requires the World Killer expansion to unlock). 

 To add this to your pledge, simply click manage my pledge and select the option to add it to your pledge! 

Update # 10 Campaign upgrades and the World Killer expansion explained!
9 months ago – Mon, Mar 07, 2022 at 01:02:03 AM

Lots of backers have been asking for more information on the World Killer expansion, but in order to explain that in detail, we first need to go over campaign upgrades in general.

Branching Mission Path

The core box contains 21 different campaign missions (and 23 Special Ops missions, which we will discuss in a future update). However, in any given campaign, you will only play 12 of the campaign missions due to the branching paths (and 8-10 of the Special Ops). Each branching path provides choice for the players on which mission objective they would like to tackle. For instance, would you rather rescue a captured scientist, or blow up an alien weapons lab? Would you rather break the siege on a friendly allied base, or attempt to crush the HQ of the enemy leadership? Each choice provides different rewards…and different consequences. For example, maybe you managed to rescue that captured scientist which allowed you to gain a unique reward, but because you didn’t blow up that weapons lab, the enemy may use that weaponry against you in a future mission.

Campaign Upgrades

There are many different types of campaign upgrades you can gain, most commonly in the form of gaining new Tactics cards to modify your deck with, and base upgrade points to unlock new nodes in your base divisions. Tactics card upgrades come in 3 levels, and your HQ limits the level of cards you can include in your deck.

Base Divisions grant new abilities to your team for each level you have unlocked, but the highest level nodes you can unlock is also limited to your HQ level (HQ level rises at certain fixed points in the campaign).

In the core box, the highest your HQ level will rise (and therefore the highest level of Tactics cards and Base Division levels you can unlock) is Level III. To reach Level IV, you’ll need the World Killer expansion…

World Killer Expansion

While the core box campaign can be used as a complete story (with two different possible endings), the World Killer campaign picks up where the core box left off and allows your Operatives to progress even further, eventually unlocking Level IV Tactics cards and Base Division nodes. This expansion comes with 5 Level IV Tactics cards for each Operative, as well as level IV Gear cards. 

These upgrades may be very powerful, but your team will need them in order to face the terrifying Seer and his World Killer.  But it's not just terrifying new Overlords being introduced here, there are also a trio of murderous Enemies that provide unique challenges for Operatives to overcome!

The campaign book in this expansion adds 14 new Campaign missions, of which you will only play 8 during the campaign (again, because of branching paths). However, there might be 9th hidden mission you can discover depending on choices you make…

Lastly, the expansion offers a host of new upgrades and new cards to modify your core box content to add even more variety and player options!

Hopefully that helps shed some light on what you’ll find lurking in the World Killer expansion!

1,000 backers! Bonus unlock for all backers!
9 months ago – Sun, Mar 06, 2022 at 09:24:49 PM

“Like a horror pulled from mankind’s worst nightmare, the Hunter Killer surges onto the battlefield like a wave of rolling flesh and writhing steel. A monstrosity of savage Xethan DNA and advanced cybernetics, it is the perfect killing machine. It moves with a speed that belies its massive size, evading our gunfire with casual ease before falling among our troops in a whirlwind of lethal blades, leaving a hail of falling limbs and tattered skin raining down behind it as it seeks ever onward, never stopping, never tiring, and always hungry."

1,000 backers! Whoo hoo! With this milestone every backer will receive 2 Hunter Killer figures, 3 Spawn cards, and 1 Enemy card!

The Hunter Killer is a terrifying Elite Enemy and will strike fear in your team whenever he hits the board. A monstrous creature of frightening speed and deadliness. It’s vicious attack not only has cleave (an AoE melee attach that hits all Operatives in his zone), but it also causes Injury! What does Injury do you ask? It means you gain an Injury token, and for each Injury token an Operative has during the HQ Phase, they have to add an Injury card to their deck, which is not ideal, as you’d imagine. Injury cards (and Trauma cards) can usually only be removed by your Med Bay during the HQ Phase, and until they are, they are detrimental every time you draw them (more on Injury and Trauma cards in another update).

Thank you to all of our backers!  I'm so happy to have you all along for the ride!  Now let's unlock that next stretch goal!  Spread the word, we can do this!

Update #8 Focus on Kyle "Trickshot" Moss
9 months ago – Sun, Mar 06, 2022 at 09:24:01 PM

“Let’s be honest here. I don’t actually NEED any team members to get the job done, but I don’t mind having them around. Sure, I can sneak into a facility, kill all of the bad guys, complete the mission and be back to HQ by dinner, but having teammates around helps. For instance, it’s nice to have one of those scientist types like my sister around just in case I need to check my email. Plus, what good is it to be as talented as I am if you don’t have an audience to enjoy the show? Sure, it’s super satisfying to execute a perfect acrobatic flip into a group of enemies and pose dramatically as the severed heads roll around on the floor, but it’s kind of a waste if no one’s there to record it with their bodycams. So, yeah, teammates aren’t all bad…as long as they don’t cramp my style.”

Kyle is a one man killing machine. A whirling dervish of an assassin that thrives in the thick of the enemy, dodging their attacks and slicing through their defenses with ease.  His Tactics deck focuses on a combination of movement, stealth, ranged attack modifiers, and close combat deadliness.  

If you prefer a playstyle full of flash and style, while still getting the job done, Kyle is your Operative!

Coming up, an update about what you'll find in the World Killer expansion!