Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint Late Pledge

Created by Dark Horizon Games

1-4 player, co-op, sci-fi dungeon crawler where players complete covert missions against an invading alien force!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update #21 Final Add On, All-in Pledge Tier, New Unlock, and Language Clarification!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 02:12:39 PM

Welcome to the final stretch!  We have roughly 48 hours to go!  I have a slew of information for you, so let's get started!  Important: if you have an Early Bird pledge, be sure to read this info carefully so that you don't make a mistake in your selections!

Final Add On: Plastic Tokens

Many of you have been asking for it, and here it is!  This token pack replaces the player components with nice plastic components!  This set includes 12 Order tokens (3 for each player), 12 Movement tokens (3 for each player), 24 Action Upgrade tokens (4 of each type), 40 Focus tokens (8 of each type), and 4 Overwatch tokens (1 for each player), for a total of 92 plastic tokens! Note: we did not replace all tokens in the game because the cost would be prohibitive for both us, and you backers (there are over 400 tokens in the game), however, we may offer additional plastic token packs in future campaigns!

Add On Bundle

With the final Add On revealed, we also have a new Add On Bundle which includes all Add Ons in the campaign, (with the exception of the Operative Add On Pack which is already included for Invasion pledge level backers) for a $10 discount!  This Add On Bundle is for those with Early Bird pledges and backers that do not want it all.  For Early Bird Pledges that want it all, make sure you select this bundle to add to your pledge instead of selecting the All-In Pledge Tier, because you will lose your Early Bird bonus!  We can fix that in the Pledge Manager for you, but let's try not to have that happen! For those that do not have an Early Bird pledge level but still want it all, the following is for you!

All-In Pledge Level!

It's finally here, the All-In Pledge Level!  This gets you all of the content the game has to offer in a single pledge level at a $15 discount!  Remember, if you have an Early Bird Invasion pledge and you want it all, don't select this tier!  Instead, add the Add On Bundle option to your pledge!

Language Clarification

We wanted to clarify a few things from yesterday's update about language support.  We will most likely be having a full German translation because outside of the USA, our largest number of backers comes from Germany, so we should have plenty of orders for that region to make it cost effective to offer a full translation.  Also, while we will definitely offer a full refund to any backer in a region that doesn't get full language support if they want one, those backers will have to have a pledge tier of Incursion or above.  That is just to avoid having to make 100 refunds of $1.  Hopefully that makes sense and seems fair!

Daily Unlock

Today's unlock increases the Enemy difficulty by introducing new Spawn cards with some nasty effects!  The base game comes with a card for each Spawn deck called the "Unknown Threat" card that spawns a random Enemy based on the roll of a Red die.  This card was created to avoid players being able to accurately guess what was coming up in the Spawn deck (especially when the deck starts getting low in cards).  These new cards are meant to replace that card as the campaign progresses to add even more danger to your missions!  

Final Stretch Goals

We've still got a few more reveals for everyone, starting tomorrow with an Enhanced Armory unlock?  What could that be you ask?  Most of you will have it figured out before the reveal ;)

Until next time, watch your six!

Update #20 Unlock Roundup, new add on, language support!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 23, 2022 at 08:25:45 AM

Unlocks, add ons, and language support!

We've got a lot to cover today, including all of the unlocks revealed since our last update, a new add on, and an explanation on language support!  Be sure to read through if any of these are important to you! 

Unlock Roundup!

You've got several new unlocks since our last update, including four new Operatives and a slew of new Tactics cards!  First, let's cover the Operatives (each of these will be covered in more depth in later updates).  Each backer at the Invasion Level or purchasing the Operative add on pack (see below), will receive each of the following Operatives:

Mama Bear Moss

Mama Bear is a Team Leader that specializes in Tactics cards with the Ongoing trait.  Ongoing cards stay in play until the end of the round, and each Operative can have a maximum of two in play at once (if playing a third, you must first discard an existing one).  However, Mama Bear's Ongoing cards have the Aura trait, which means her Ongoing cards remain in play until replaced by another Ongoing card!  Managing her Auras so that you have the right ones in play at the right time is the key to success when playing Mama Bear!  Even better, all of her Ongoing cards are focused around buffing nearby Operatives, making her a great choice as a team leader!


If you're looking for sheer brute force and killing potential, none can outperform Cain who is a true killing machine!  Cain focuses around a unique mechanic that allows him to gain Rage which he can use to power up his Tactics cards, generating more powerful effects for each Rage he has accumulated!  Cain may seem like an odd choice for a covert mission with his low Stealth stat, but what he lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up for with his sheer willingness to beat a Xethan to death with his bare hands!

Dr. Usman

The Doctor is in the house!  But not just any type of Dr. , but a Dr. of cybernetics!  Usman's cards focus around gaining (and giving) Enhancements to herself or other Operatives.  When Dr. Usman plays some of her Tactics cards, they increase in power based on the number of Enhancements on the target!  

Enhanced Tactics

You've also gained several new Tactics cards!  Each Operative in the game will receive two Tactics cards each for levels II, III, and IV!  Note: only backers at the Invasion Pledge level will receive the Level IV cards since you need the expansion in order to progress to Level IV.  In order to not make this update too long, we'll go into more detail on these new cards in a future update, but suffice to say that they continue the mechanics introduced with the new Level I cards that were unlocked a while back.  These cards give each Operative whole new build options and ways to focus your gameplay in different ways to increase replayability!

New Add On: Operative Pack

For those that don't want to upgrade their pledge to the Invasion level, but still want the new Operatives, then this pack is for you.  You get all six Operatives along with their dashboards and 30 card Tactics deck!  Obviously if you are backing at the Invasion Level, you will not need this Add On pack since you are already receiving these with your pledge!

Final Add On and the All-In Pledge

We were hoping to unveil both of these today, but we were waiting on one final clarification from our manufacturer.   We didn't receive this info in time to put the add on up today, but we'll have it ready for tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned!

Language Support

I know many of you have been waiting for clarification on our language support, including what all will be translated, if it will be digital or print, and if there will be a delay in shipping.  The short version of the story is that we've been waiting to see how many backers we receive from each region to see what level of support we can afford to provide.  Our goal is to do a complete translation for all books and cards in each language, but that may not be possible if we don't receive enough backers from a given region.  If we cannot offer full translation of all components for a region, we will offer all backers from that region whatever option we have available, such as a digital only version, or just the rulebooks translated, etc.  Once we've determined what level of language support we can provide, we will offer any backer from a region that does not have full language support a FULL refund (we will not subtract Kickstarter fees).  That way, no backer from any of these regions is in any risk of receiving a product that do not want.   We had hoped there would be enough backers from each region by this point in the campaign that we would have clarity on what we can offer, but unfortunately we don't.  We are still hoping we will get enough backers from each region before the Pledge Manager closes, but if not, any backer from those regions will be offered the full refund.  

Whew!  That was a lot of info!  Buckle up though, not only is the final add on coming, plus the final pledge level, but the final 48 starts tomorrow as well!  

Until next time, watch your six!

Update #19 New Daily Unlock: Stalkers! New Add On: 3D Terrain!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 17, 2022 at 06:40:04 PM

Daily unlock!

Today's unlock is a new Basic Enemy to plague your missions!  Each backer will receive 6 Stalker miniatures, 3 Spawn cards, and 1 Enemy card!   

Stalkers are hunters that can cause some serious problems for players.  Their attack applies the Mark and Tracking Device trait to any Operatives hit and, as you can imagine, that's not good!  An Operative with a Mark automatically fails all Defense checks, and if there are any Operatives with a Tracking Device during the Enemy Movement step, all Enemies move +1 zone!  Yikes!  Luckily, both of these negative conditions can be removed by a Science check and/or an effect that specifically removes negative conditions! Somebody call a medic! 

Stalkers also have a defensive ability that can counteract rolling large numbers of White dice against them, so try and attack them with red dice and keep those rerolls handy!

New add on: 3D Terrain!

Finally, the much requested add on is here!  3d terrain!  With this add on players can take their game to a whole new level!  Packed with 32 terrain features, your board will look more beautiful than ever!

 Normal doors are present in missions in abundance, and these will make your game really stand out!

Security doors are usually used in missions to block entry to a boss or armory and can only be opened by a successful Sabotage check, so keep those science-y types handy!

The Xethan love their short range teleportation technology, and these portals are their preferred method of entering the board.  Of course knowing where the enemy will appear as its advantages, especially for someone more Espionage inclined...remote explosive devices anyone?

Turrets are present in some missions as additional obstacles for players.  They're no fun to fight...but sometimes...just sometimes...players may get to turn the tables on the Xethan and use these against them!

And before you ask, yes, the doors open!  

To add the 3D Terrain set to your pledge, simply click the "manage my pledge" button and select any add ons you want!

Social stretch goals

You also continue to unlock the social stretch goals! Great job team!  Only a couple left!  After that, there may be yet one more objective to claim...

Moving forward, we will only be posting updates every couple of days, and we will summarize the daily unlocks in those updates, so keep your eyes on the main page for the daily unlocks, and every other day for summary updates!

Until next time, watch your six!

Update #18 Daily Unlocks!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 01:21:39 AM

Daily Unlocks!

Moving forward, we are shifting from standard stretch goals to daily unlocks!  We've been debating this move for several days and we feel it will be the best thing to show the value this game will have when all of the content is revealed.  

The first daily unlock is a new Operative for everyone at the Invasion Pledge level, a ruthless assassin that goes by the code name Luna!


“I wasn’t always this way. Filled with hate and anger, my thoughts held in a cloud of black murder. I used to be happy. But that was before the invasion. Before an alien species decided they could lay claim to our world; kill our people; decimate our cities. Take my family from me.  Now, I live only for the kill, working from the shadows, striking from behind, rarely giving the enemy the privilege of seeing my face before they die.  But I make sure they suffer. Watching them fall to their knees, clutching at their throats or bellies as they bleed out on the floor fills me with at least some satisfaction. They deserve worse, but this is all the judgment I can give.  I hope someday to be free of this rage, this hate, this murderous impulse. But until then, the enemy will fear me.”

 Luna is an assassin that focuses on killing the Enemy in the most painful of ways, usually by letting them bleed out on the floor. As such, Luna’s Tactics deck focuses on stealth, speed, and inflicting bleed.

Bleed is a negative condition that inflicts 2 damage to the figure at the end of their activation phase.

If you put Luna on your team, make sure you bring a mop!  

Until next time, watch your six!

Update #17 Ru Ru joins AEGIS!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 07:57:02 PM

“Any moron with a gun can kill. But wounding them just enough that they live to feel it? That takes skill. And let’s face it, watching some Xethan idiot hop around on one leg with his kneecap blown out is hilarious! With me on the team you get a two-for-one: enemy neutralization AND comedy! Not everyone appreciates it though. Guys like Vector are always like “don’t let ‘em trigger the alarm, blah, blah, bleh”, or Hicks is all like “quit playing around, we got a job to do, honk honk, garble garble.” What a bunch ‘a dorks. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not like I let the enemy live long. I let ‘em live juuuuust long enough to be funny. Where’s the harm in that?”

Congratulations team, you’ve unlocked another stretch goal!  Another Operative joins the fray for everyone backing at the Invasion level, including her figure, dashboard, and 30 card Tactics deck!

Ru Ru is a sniper, but a completely different type of sniper than Billy. Where Billy is just a raw damage machine, Ru Ru specializes in applying negative conditions to enemies, and taking advantage of enemies that have such conditions. 

Ru ru is not as straight forward to play as someone like Billy, but her combos can be very powerful, especially if paired with other Operatives that can apply negative conditions. Speaking of which…who is that lurking in the shadows?

Until next time, watch your six!